Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wishing YOU FitTastic Health in 2015!

The time has come!  2014 will be over in just hours! Where did  the time go?  I hope it was a fulfilling year for you and your family.  For me, it was a year filled with lots of action and first time adventures (sent kiddos to camp with no contact, attended a new fitness convention, did first Zumba Fitness flash mob in Ghana, launched Zumba classes at my church, started a fitness TV show, moved to a new neighborhood, and several others).

Through all the changes we've experienced, we're all still here with many exciting possibilities before us. What's going to happen?  I can't wait to see!!!! :-)  Let's give 2015 our BEST!  If you have something in your heart that you desire to do, then do it!  Let's not let imperfect conditions stop us from taking action today and in 2015.  Let's get FIRED UP and Ready to GO!  Lets aim to look and feel FANTASTIC everyday!  Let's add some ENTHUSIASM to our daily routine!  Let's aim daily to have FitTastic Health! Let's LIFE it UP in 2015!

By the way.....WELCOME to my new blog! I'm looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for health and fitness with you! :-)

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