Monday, 17 December 2018

VIDEO: Unboxing the Body Building Kit Pump, 20KG from Decathlon Ghana

I been searching town for a while trying to find the right barbell kit. Something not only I could do, but something I could use to help others too!😄 So, a few weeks ago I went to @decathlonghana and found it!👏👏 👏 It’s a Body Building Kit Pump 20KG. Last night, I finally got it!👏👏👏😄😄💪

For the record, I’m not seeking to be a professional body builder, but I do like the strength training one can get from barbell training and the variety of workouts one can do with the kit.  This type of training gives one another ggreat way to get lean, toned, and fit-fast!  It’s now a new tool in my fitness equipment room.

Can’t wait to create the PUMPFIT workouts using it!😄👏💪

Hope you can join the tribe!

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