Wednesday, 7 February 2018

30 Days to Healthier You - Weight Loss Program (FEBRUARY)

Here's a short video about the nutrition segment included in my 30 Days to a Healthier You-Weight Loss Program.  I’m looking for no more than 5 BUSY PROFESSIONALS age 35-59 who would like to create healthy habits so they can finally get their health under control.

Please message me if you're seriously interested.

We will start on MONDAY, Feb 12th!  

However, you'll need to register by FRIDAY, Feb 9th!

Here is the link to register:  QUIANA 30 Days to Healthier You -Weight Loss Program

Hope you can join us!

Have a Super Healthy FitTastic Day!


"Dear Quiana, it’s been an absolute joy for me! Frankly I have always been one to exercise and eat right but what this 30 day challenge has added is more insights into the rights carbs, protein and portion control! For me knowing them and doing it right has been great! I will recommend this to anyone ! It’s about you and feeling good about yourself! Much love Quiana and I am keeping on!" Jan 2018 Client

"In my quest for weight loss, I realized my struggle was mainly stemming from poor eating habits that had become deeply rooted in me. During the summer of 2017, Quiana introduced me to an interesting tool cal Precision Nutrition - my answer in undoing all these bad habits that I had accumulated over the years
Presently, Precision Nutrition is not only undoing my poor choices and habits but helping me replace them with good healthy habits. Every morning I look out for my Precision Nutrition email. I love that it helps you make one small change at a time. For instance, it encourages me to eat slowly...which surprisingly I do now! I actually savor my food! It encourages me to stop eating when I’m 80% full than stuffed! My biggest one with them is the visualization...actually seeing yourself with the weight off! It encourages me to move more. 
Although all these are baby steps, I know in 2018 I will reach my goal of shedding 50lbs with the help of Quiana’s Coaching and the Precision Nutrition Program! It’s been a lifesaver!!"  Summer 2017 Client

"I am really enjoying working out with Quiana! The fact that the workouts  are on-line , means that I can do them whenever it fits in my schedule.  Plus, each work-out is divided into  5-10minutes sections so that I can feel accomplished at the end of each session!  Just love that she makes it personal, too. I  feel as if she’s talking to me and laughing with me!  Besides that, each session, no matter the length, works the ENTIRE body.  Not sure how she fits it all in, but man, does my body feel it when I’m done.  If you haven’t tried doing a set of these work-outs then start today!  It’s never too late to get moving to start feeling FIT-TASTIC!"   Summer 2017 Client

Monday, 5 February 2018

30 Days to Healthier You- Weight loss Program (FEBRUARY 2018)

Time for another 

30 Days to a Healthier You - Weight Loss Program!  

We have just one day remaining with the January 2018 crew. It was such an amazing journey!  
Lots of sharing, lessons, inspiration, and more!  

They got TONS of information to guide them on their weight loss and healthy living journey!  

Now, I’m looking for no more than 5 BUSY PROFESSIONALS age 35-59 to join us NEXT WEEK, FEBRUARY 12th on our next journey!  The intention of this program is to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can get your weight under control.  

Note:  It is NOT a quick fix or a fad diet.  You’ll have to do some work, but you won’t be alone.  I’ll be your coach…guiding you along the way.  You’ll also be in an healthy environment to learn from others too! 

As a promotion to this ONLINE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching services, this program is currently offered at a discounted price.  Don’t miss it! 

Make payment before Friday, FEBRUARY 9th to reserve your spot! See link below for payment methods!  

Please message me if you have any questions.  Please share with others if you think they could benefit from this program.  

Have a Super Healthy FitTastic Day!


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