Monday, 16 October 2017

Let's Keep Moving!

Let's Keep Moving!
Here is the workout poster that I shared at last weekend's National Women's Show.  To support their efforts of Breast Cancer Awareness, I created this poster to encourage others to talk to their doctors about risk factors and to Keep Moving!  Many thanks to Palace Supermarket for helping me to do it!  It was a great success!  You're all welcome to download and post it too!  I'll distribute hard copies at various places in Accra.  Be on the look out! 

To God be the glory!

Have a Super  Healthy FitTastic Day!


Friday, 13 October 2017

Rising Star-Kick Out Exercise!!! Try it!

Happy Fitness Friday!

Here is an exercise to add to your workout today! 
It’s great for strengthening your core as well as your arms! 
Do a few sets or set a timer and do it for a short duration...
just try it and work it into your workout! 

Have a Super Healthy FitTastic Friday!


Monday, 2 October 2017

10 Minute Bicycle Challenge!

Here's a little FitTastic FUN CHALLENGE 
10 Minute Bicycle Ride!  
Try it 3 days/ week for one month and let me know how it goes!  

If you'd like to get more of my workouts, join my online fitness programs.  Click the below link to sign up!  

Quiana's Online Fitness & Nutrition programs!

I'll be delighted to work with ya!

Have a Super FitTastic Day!

I'm Still HERE! Dance Fitness!

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