Monday, 5 February 2018

30 Days to Healthier You- Weight loss Program (FEBRUARY 2018)

Time for another 

30 Days to a Healthier You - Weight Loss Program!  

We have just one day remaining with the January 2018 crew. It was such an amazing journey!  
Lots of sharing, lessons, inspiration, and more!  

They got TONS of information to guide them on their weight loss and healthy living journey!  

Now, I’m looking for no more than 5 BUSY PROFESSIONALS age 35-59 to join us NEXT WEEK, FEBRUARY 12th on our next journey!  The intention of this program is to help you create a healthier lifestyle so you can get your weight under control.  

Note:  It is NOT a quick fix or a fad diet.  You’ll have to do some work, but you won’t be alone.  I’ll be your coach…guiding you along the way.  You’ll also be in an healthy environment to learn from others too! 

As a promotion to this ONLINE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching services, this program is currently offered at a discounted price.  Don’t miss it! 

Make payment before Friday, FEBRUARY 9th to reserve your spot! See link below for payment methods!  

Please message me if you have any questions.  Please share with others if you think they could benefit from this program.  

Have a Super Healthy FitTastic Day!


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