Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Want to Strengthen & Shape YOUR Triceps?

Happy Wednesday!
Hope you had a FitTastic day!  Mine was good! :-)

Well, I went out do errands and tried my best to not enter ANY stores that sell exercise clothes and/or equipment.  Man!  I didn't happen!  lol

As soon as I walked into ROSS, I saw all these beautiful fitness clothes and of course I couldn't resist to check the clearance rack.

To my surprise, I found a great fitness gadget to help strengthen and shape my triceps.  Oh yeah!  It's an adjustable resistance strap that is easy to mount on the door. I tried it, my kids tried, now waiting for hubby to try it. So far so good! It seems very durable too!

Just thought I'd share my new fitness gadget!  Super EXCITED!!!!!  I think I'm super excited about the results of using this!  We'll see over time! Let the fun begin!  More tools in the fitness toolbox!

Let me know if you find it or something like it!

Tricep POWER!  lol

Have a FitTastic and POWERFUL day!

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