Thursday, 11 January 2018

Nutriton Coaching - 3 SLOTS Remaining!!

Here's a short video about the nutrition that I include in my 30 Days to a Healthier You-Weight Loss Program.  Please message me if you're seriously interested.  We're on day 4 of the program.  I can squeeze in 3 more slots.  Let me know!

Here is the link to register:  QUIANA 30 Days to Healthier You -Weight Loss Program

Here is a recent client testimonial about this program:

"In my quest for weight loss, I realized my struggle was mainly stemming from poor eating habits that had become deeply rooted in me. During the summer of 2017, Quiana introduced me to an interesting tool cal Precision Nutrition - my answer in undoing all these bad habits that I had accumulated over the years
Presently, Precision Nutrition is not only undoing my poor choices and habits but helping me replace them with good healthy habits. Every morning I look out for my Precision Nutrition email. I love that it helps you make one small change at a time. For instance, it encourages me to eat slowly...which surprisingly I do now! I actually savor my food! It encourages me to stop eating when I’m 80% full than stuffed! My biggest one with them is the visualization...actually seeing yourself with the weight off! It encourages me to move more. 
Although all these are baby steps, I know in 2018 I will reach my goal of shedding 50lbs with the help of Quiana’s Coaching and the Precision Nutrition Program! It’s been a lifesaver!!"  Summer 2017 Client

Hope you can join us!

Let me know!
Have a Super Healthy FitTastic Day!

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